Savannah Sears


Staten Island Museum

I recently had the idea to visit Staten Island. I’ve been living in New York for 7 months now and this was the only borough I had never been to. Getting to the island was a quick 25 minute ferry ride from south Manhattan and it was a 10 minute bus ride from the ferry station.


Upon entering the museum, I was greeted by a lovely receptionist who informed me of the various galleries and current exhibits. I was excited to learn that Ralph Applebaum Associates (RAA) were the exhibit designers for the museum. One of the most popular exhibits currently on view is on the Practical Jokers, a group of guys from Staten Island who have a prank show together. I was personally most excited about the exhibits in the front of the museum as they were on fossils. I’m currently working on a museum client project involving a fossil park so I was super interested to see how RAA designed and created content on this topic.


I’m not a huge fan of the decision to use type on glass because of legibility but most of the museum uses this in their labels. I just wish it could have been more legible in photos later as the body copy content was what I was the most interested in looking back at later.


Overall, I really enjoyed my quick visit here! I definitely want to go back in the spring or summer as next door there is the Snug Harbor Botanical Gardens which were essentially closed for the winter during my visit.

Savannah Sears