Women Designing for Women

I recently came across this article about women in design. 

It highlights Hailey Stewart, an industrial designer, and Sahana Kumar, an experience designer, who after recent gynecological exams, wondered why the speculum had not been redesigned.

The speculum was designed by J. Marion Sims, the father of gynecology in 1845 and little had been done to redesign it since.

These women decided this uncomfortable tool needed to be redesigned by women.


 image from of frog design

image from of frog design

In a way, what these designers at frog have done, is what I would like to do for women's health clinics in general. I hear far too many stories of women having bad experiences regarding getting help for their gynecological health. Visiting clinics should not be uncomfortable and scary, just as these women felt the speculum should not be cold and uncomfortable.